Why Can’t Guy Ask Me For Marriage Instead Of intercourse ?

not all men are equal

There are different types of men;

MEN who live for pleasure MEN who are only looking for what they want Whenever you meet a man, first try to identify which group he belongs to. The idea that all men are the same is why many women remain single to this day.

The only thing that is the same for all men is that ALL MEN “LOOK FOR SOMETHING” IN A WOMAN. What are you showing him’Men are moved by what they see. WHAT YOU SHOW HIM IS WHAT HE WILL SEE If you show him an S*X-GURU, he will want to try. If you show him a loyal wife, he will think of a GOOD HOME. Only some men see beyond what you show them.

To be honest, some ladies are good women things, but the kind of friends they move with, the places they go with their friends, and the types of clothes they wear are reasons men don’t ask for marriage.

They don’t have the same moral beliefs as their friends, but you never know until you are close to them.

You are getting dressed almost naked and you think he’s thinking about getting married while the sight of your nakedness HIDES YOUR SENSES ?.

You smoke like a dragon in his presence, he jokingly calls you “bad girl …” And you smile… do you think every man will be proud to marry a BAD GIRL?

You misbehave around a boy for not being your GUY and forgetting that he might be related to this guy who is YOUR GUY. Serious men overheard having casual s*x with a guy who stopped by.

The best testimonials they’ve heard about you are that you are a GURU in bed. take their cake of the nation, as they call it. So when you started dating them and they refused to have sex, they were angry because that was the only reason he was with you.

Many of your friends knew you before they got close to you. be proud of the girl he wants to marry. Just as your BEDROOM PRODUCTS went viral on the men’s news blog, so your high moral standards will go viral among men.

Men aren’t gossips, but they hear UNUSUAL NEWS about Ladies Shun’s youthful GLOSS dating far from where they live is not the SOLUTION People are like WATER. We can meet anywhere.

Life has a way of moving people. If you stay the right man, men who know what they want will see it in you, when they see you sex it will snap you upset a Skill, Develop, Work Hard, Get to Work Become a WIFE first before thinking of marriage Marriage doesn’t make you a WIFE You don’t need a man to become a WIFE Proverbs 18: 22 thinks “A WOMAN” thinks something good …When you are single, you are multiplying the good things that a man will benefit from by marrying you. Don’t let the rebellious girls put you under pressure. Create your PATH. Get out of the crowd. Everything that stands out is not hard to find.

Serious Men heard the way you had informal intercourse with one man who got here around.
The nice stories that they’d heard approximately you are which you are a GURU in BED
Some Men who approached you for ting hearing the way you gave it HOT to Mark so that they got here to take their Nation cake as they name it. That became why while you commenced rea relationship with and also you refused their intercourse, they were given livid because became the simplest motive why he’s with you
Lots of your Boyfriends KNEW YOU earlier than they approached you.
Every guy desires to be pleased with the female he desires to marry.

The equal manner that your BEDROOM TESTIMONIES went viral on Men’s News Blog is the manner that the News of your High Moral Standard will pass viral amongst Men.

Men aren’t gossips however they pay attention to blog NEWS approximately Ladies
Shun younger LUST
Dating boyfriends who’re some distance far isn’t the SOLUTION
Human Beings are Like WATER.

We can meet anywhere. Life has a manner of shifting People around
Keep yourself for the proper Man.

If you hold yourself for the proper Man, Men who recognize what they need will SPOT IT IN YOU once they see you
Get busy mastering the way to MANAGE A HOME and now no longer the way to fulfill a Man in Bed
Any Man which you use HOT A*x to hold, HOTTER Sex will grasp him away
.Get a Skill,
.Develop yourself,
.Work hard,
.Get busy

First, turn out to be a WIFE earlier than you begin contemplating Marriage
.Marriage does now no longer make you a WIFE
.You do not want a person to make you a WIFE
You turn out to be a WIFE first earlier than you get married
Proverbs 18:22
Whoso findeth “A WIFE” findeth an excellent thing…
While you’re Single, Multiple the good stuff that a Man will advantage If he marries you.

Don’t permit Wayward women to place you below pressure. Create your PATH
Come out from the CROWD
Anything first-rate isn’t hard to LOCATE

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