Cold call

3 Reason to do cold call and why you hate doing it

Important Of Cold Call

In this chapter, I want to talk about why cold calling is important, and some facts about the phone,
there are more telephones on planet Earth than there are people, everybody has a phone,
it is the accepted form of communication and in today’s world, and with smartphones.
Everybody has his phone by his side, so you always connect to somebody, if you have a phone number, you will always connect to somebody 92% of all communications are held over the phone.
What does that mean for you, that means you have to know how to cold call, that means that you have to learn how to connect with somebody and sell them on the phone,
average Africa does around eight phone calls a day, so that’s around 3000 phone calls a year and those are not productive calls,
those are calls to family members, friends, and so on.

I can guarantee I can make 3000 phone calls in a month, cold calling is important, it’s used to say dial.
Everybody has his phone, so you should know how to cold call, you should know how to connect with somebody on the phone, and sell to them. So that’s what I’m going to explain in this module is going to be all about cold calling and selling so meet.

Reason Why You Don’t Like Cold Call

I want to talk about why you hate cold calls, and this is going to be a wake-up call for you because I’ll tell you exactly why you don’t like cold calls.
So, if you know what cold calls are you’re, you’ve either probably done them before, or you haven’t done them because you’re scared, you hate them, and I want to explain why you hate them.
You don’t know what to do with the phone: The first and the biggest reason is you don’t know what to do on the phone, you don’t know how to sell on the phone, you don’t know what to say on the phone, you don’t know how to handle objections and you don’t know how to handle rejection.

And that’s the biggest reason, that’s the biggest reason you hate cold calling, and that was my biggest reason in the beginning as well.
You don’t value your time: The second biggest reason is that I’ve seen so many people who start companies and they prefer to go face to face to that person and sell to them face to face on their first connection.

in the first contact, they prefer to go to them and sell to them face to face “I’ve done this, this was how I started.
when people kick you out. You’ve just lost a lot of time just last 20 minutes while you go to that person, let’s say he’s. His name is Mr. Joe when while you go to Mr. Joe tried to sell to him, and by the time he’s kicked you out of his store,
I would have made 50 calls and probably served five meetings at that same time.
You don’t value your money: The third reason is you don’t value your money. Some so many people come to me and they say, Hey man, how did you start your digital marketing agency did you, What else did you do, what advertising, I don’t do any advertising for my company.

I don’t do it, I just don’t. It’s stupid to start a company you’ve just started your company nobody knows you, nobody has heard of you, and the first thing you figure out to do is to start making yes, no, presuming that because you’re afraid to get on the phone and call people and sell to them on the phone,
you’ve just started the company, and you don’t have a lot of money because you know it’s a startup,
you don’t have a lot of money and the first thing you decide to do is go out there and start advertising your company on social media, it costs money.
And the best thing you can do is to cold call people, it’s free, it saves time, and you should be able to do it.

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You hate rejection: Now the fourth reason, you hate rejection, that’s it you hate hearing the word no. And that’s something that every person has, I’m going to explain why you feel rejected.
When you feel rejection that means you don’t have enough deals cooking up, let’s say you had 50 years waiting to be closed 50 people waiting to be closed and one guy cancels, will you care about that guy.
Will you care about that guy when you have 49 more people that are waiting to be grown? Of course not. That’s why you hate rejection.
That’s why you fear rejection because you don’t have enough people to close so those are the reasons you hate cold calling, and in the next chapter I will be talking about how to prepare for cold calling, and what to do before you start cold calling.

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