Have you been experiencing a severe stomach ulcer for a long time? Here are 7 powerful herb to treat it

If you’re looking for quick ulcer pain relief, try these herbs and other natural home remedies.


stomach pain, gas, heartburn … the complaints of ulcer symptoms are no joke! To try some simple home remedies for ulcers, here are seven that will help soothe internal burns. If you experience severe ulcer symptoms such as vomiting, bloody or tarry stools, fainting, difficulty breathing, changes in appetite, or unexplained weight loss, it is important to see a doctor.


Everyone is crazy about yogurt these days, and for good reason: most yogurts contain active cultures, lactobacilli, and bifidobacteria that can aid digestion by balancing bad bacteria with good bacteria. If you’re on antibiotics, these yogurts can be especially helpful: they complement the good bacteria your medications have removed from your body and help prevent diarrhea.

Castor oil compress

Soothe a painful ulcer with a castor oil “pack” that is applied to your stomach. Castor oil can reduce inflammation, relieve pain, and heal tissues under the skin, and a compress is easy and inexpensive to make. Dip a towel in castor oil until completely saturated. Squeeze it to remove excess liquid and avoid dripping. Cover the sore area on your stomach, then cover with a dry towel and hot water bottle for extra pressure. Leave the package in place for up to an hour.


the stock of onions! They can give gas, but they also prevent the growth of bacteria that, use ulcers, which increase the risk of gastritis (inflammation of the stomach) and, over time, can lead to stomach cancer. Add sliced ​​onions to salads and sandwiches, or mix them into stir-fries, fajitas, and pasta; Just avoid frying them as they can cause an upset stomach.


While cabbage isn’t the most noticeable vegetable, it has incredible ulcer healing abilities: it helps protect the lining of the stomach and intestines, and it fights ulcer-causing bacteria.

Try eating two cups of raw cabbage every day (coleslaw, anyone?), Or consider making some super strong juice: four cups of cabbage juice a day has been shown to heal stomach ulcers in less than a week! ! Choose fresh kale for optimal ulcer healing.

Aloe juice

You can use aloe vera gel for sunburn and other skin problems, but did you know that plant sap can be too relaxing on the inflamed stomach lining?

Buy some juice from your local health food store or pharmacy and have a few before each juice. Food and at night. Aloe juice soothes ulcer pain and promotes healing.


One of the most effective and universal natural remedies in the world, garlic can help prevent and heal stomach ulcers! If you can stand the strong taste, eat two cloves of raw garlic every day to control the levels of H bacteria.

You can also chop fresh garlic and add two tablespoons of raw, unprocessed honey. Honey’s benefits aren’t just limited to taste – its antibacterial powers will double the bad guys in your gut!


You should know by now that coffee irritates an;  ulcer. But not with tea! Peppermint and chamomile teas are anti-inflammatory and can relieve ulcer pain and promote healing. Brew your tea and refrigerate it until it is lukewarm, too hot and you will irritate your ulcer. Add some raw honey for your antibacterial properties as well as for your sweet taste.


Honey is far from simply sweet. Depending on the plant it’s derived from, honey can contain up to 200 elements, including polyphenols and other antioxidants.
HoneyTrusted Source is a powerful antibacterial and has been shown to inhibit H.pylori growth. As long as you have normal blood sugar levels, you can enjoy honey as you would any sweetener, with the bonus of perhaps soothing your ulcers.


Cranberry has been shown in some studies trusted Source to help decrease urinary tract infections by preventing bacteria from settling on the walls of the bladder. Cranberry and cranberry extract also may help fight H.pyloriTrusted Source.

You can drink cranberry juice, eat cranberries or take cranberry supplements.
However, compared to the traditional combination of antibiotics and antacids, chewing gum was significantly less effective than the drugs.

Traditional treatment eliminated the bacteria in more than 75 percent of the people studied. You can chew or swallow the gum.

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