6 Things You Should Do Before You Start A Cold Calling

Cold calling

So what should you do before you start cold calling? Well, there are a couple of things you should start doing before that, the first thing is to build a list
I showed you how to build a list, have a list of at least 100 to 200 people that you want to be able to call have their names have their numbers have their emails, and have all that information that I showed you how to collect earlier, and have the list, open,
you can either print the list or you can, you know, open it on Excel on your PC, look at your PC while calling have a list, build a list and have your list in front of you, and I’m going to meet you in the next to talk about the next steps you should take before you start cold calling.

Feeling great

So this one may sound strange, it may feel strange, but believe me that helps a lot when I was cold calling people I was cold calling people from my home office,
I was basically at home, I wasn’t in an office, I wasn’t somewhere else I was at home, but what I did when I started cold calling people was, I was dressing up nicely.
I dressed the shirt. I dressed in jeans and I even put my shoes on why it makes me feel good, it makes me feel, professional
it makes me feel confident, and all that I dress good, and I feel good.
And then, that you know that feeling that good feeling, people can feel it through the phone, people can feel your attitude on the phone, so that’s why I was dressing nicely.
I was wearing a good shirt I was wearing jeans, I was wearing my shoes, and I tidy up my place I tidy up my desk,
I tidy up everything, and I have nothing but my lists, and my scripts on the desk, and my phone, so dress up nicely and tidy up your place. And believe me, it will help you focus and it will make you feel good.

Having Perfect Sale Imagine.

So the next thing you should do before you start cold calling is this how do you have the perfect sale imagine what would it feel like if every time you call somebody, you could have, you could have a perfect sale.
How is that possible by having a fucking script. I see so many people start cold calling, and they don’t have their script in front of them, they’re saying, it’s in my mind, I can do it without a script you’ll screw up, if you don’t have your script in front of you you will screw up.
I’ve tried without a script, and I’ve tried with a script, and every time I call with a script, I will have a script in front of you.
A well-designed script will do wonders and always have it in front of you, the idea is to know it, you know, you should know that script, you should know it so well that if I, you know if I woke you up during the night you would be able to tell me your script. That’s how well you should know it, And it should still be in front of me.
It should still be on your desk because sometimes it will get tough on the phone, it will get tough on the call, people will be throwing up objections.
You want to have your script on your desk so you can ask for those objections and you can answer them fast,
you can ask the answer the quick people on the phone, have a perception of how you look how you sound and so on, they have a mental perception of you they can imagine you just by your voice.
If you don’t believe me, let me give you an example. Let’s say I called you, you know, I know I have an accent, English is not my native language, but I try to minimize that accent as much as I can imagine I called you, and then somebody who has a very very strong Russian accent.

for example, what would you imagine you would immediately have a picture in your mind of that person.

So, you should be able to speak confidently to know your words, to be able to ask her objections fast quickly you should ask her that quick. So, how do you do that, even if you know the script by heart?
You should have it on your desk at all times so when something goes the wrong way, you can look at your script and see what you say.
have your script on the neck at all times, even though you know it by heart, actually, the ideas, you should know it by heart, and still have it on your desk.


Another thing you should do before you start cold calling is roleplay. What I mean by that is, when I’m cold calling every day before a cold call, I roleplay my script 100 times, yes, I will play my script 100 times and this will help you a lot because, by the time you get to cold calling, you would have remembered your script,
you’re going to be thinking like a rocket, and you will be fast and you will be thinking quick, because now you said your script 100 times before you even started cold calling, and now you have another 100 Cool calls to do today.
So by tomorrow, you will be, you know, you know that scripts in and out, and tomorrow you shouldn’t be able to do that same thing roleplay 100 times.

3 Reason to do cold call and why you hate doing it
Add call 100 People roleplay your script, it will help your life, and it will put you in the zone, it will put you in the mood to cold call.
Now, if you don’t want to do it 100 times. All right, do it. I did it 100 times and this helped me tremendously because every time I started cold calling, I was a shark so roleplay your script,


So the next thing you should do is always have a notepad by yourself, to write down notes about that person you’re calling so that person is going to give you objections, or he’ll give you some information about the company,
or let’s say you’re calling a company, and the person who’s answering isn’t the founder of the company isn’t the CEO, and is probably a gatekeeper and a gatekeeper is somebody like a receptionist so let’s say a gatekeeper answers the phone and she tells you some information about the CEO or the founder,
maybe the phone number or the email, and so on, always have an old fact write those things down because that’s golden information.
Now you can follow up on that person and speak to the real decision-maker.
Always have a notepad by yourself to write down that information because you need that information, because sometimes you’ll be connected to a receptionist or you know, the assistant, and you won’t be able to talk to the company founder,
now what you can do is, you know, I’m going to talk about gatekeepers and how to handle gatekeepers in our next chapter.

but you should be able to write down all of the information that that gatekeeper gives you.
sometimes you might think that that information is irrelevant, but write down everything that you can because you will need it in the future.
If you want to reach the founder if you want to reach the real decision-maker.

So always have a notepad to write down that information,
I wanted to talk about the next thing that you have to do before you start calling,


So this is what I talked about when I said, I’ll show you exactly how you can know when you’ll get a client.
So this is a simple calculation that you have to do I’ll walk you through it,
I’ll show you exactly how you can know when you will get a client, and how many calls you have to do to get a client,
so you have to do this before you started calling every day look at your numbers.

How many people do you have to call to get a client, and you have to know your numbers because it will motivate you, it will keep you going, even when you’re exhausted from all those calls.
I wasn’t making 100 calls a day, it is exhausting, but by knowing your numbers by knowing how much money you want to make, you’ll be motivated you keep going.even though you’re struggling, even though the struggle, you’re going to keep going. Even though you’re exhausted you will keep going because you know that that next call may land your client.

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