6 stage ladies goes through during breaking heart

Breaking heart for ladies

Most people say that women deal with breakups a lot harder than men. The only truth is that breaking heart affects men and women equally.
The only difference is that women don’t try to hide their pain. , unlike men. Women also deal with breakups differently.
But again, the fact is we all go through the same stages of a breakup listed below:

Breaking heart : Rejecting the Truth

This is the rejecting phase of a breakup, and it makes it a lot harder to move on. Maybe it’s because your ex is hot and cold, or maybe because you don’t feel strong enough to accept the truth.

The fact is, denial of the truth is a very common defense means for all of our hearts. However, it is undeniable that it is a very unhealthy and toxic way of dealing with our emotions.

Maybe you think that it is much easier to deny that you are feeling sad, or betrayed, or that the person you love is no longer part of your life … Believe me, it is much healthier to accept the truth and find a way to deal with all of the consequences as quickly as possible.

Feeling intense emotions in breaking heat

The denial phase also occurs because we are afraid to face our emotions. We are scared. Showing our vulnerability to others because we think it gives them the power to hurt us or betray us even more. You have every right to feel hurt, betrayed, depressed, or angry.

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, You just broke up with the person you dreamed of. Say “yes I do” to one day … it is perfectly normal for you to have these emotions.

If you deny your feelings, they won’t go away. Sooner or later you will have to face them, and the sooner you do it, the sooner you will. “I will let go of them and be able to move on.

The Forbearance Of The Doubt

The breaks influence our emotional and spiritual well-being, but they harm our self-esteem about everything else. Finally, it feels ready to stand the way as things are available;

Find a new hobby or something that will distract you from the breakup. You could even use a complete social media detox. All of the stalking and thinking about texting your ex on social media should stop because it keeps you from moving forward. Do something that you are sure will relax you and make you forget the breakup. Remember, you are trying to relax, so phones and social media should be off-limits.

To heal, you need to take care of yourself. pamper yourself for a while.

Looking For A Degree

Still, Dreaming About Your Ex? Do you think that without a proper status you will be stuck? That’s perfectly fine, and you should have closure if you think it will help you heal completely.

Our brains are obsessed with believing that the only way we can keep our peace and repair our hearts is to have a close relationship with our ex. It’s the way you think your heart is going to heal, you can get rid of all the memories of your past relationship …

you can talk to your ex one last time … no no take a few steps back and prolong your healing process.


You cry like there’s no tomorrow, like the world is ending. The world you once treasured so much is now broken into a million pieces along with your heart.

You are shocked, upset and disappointed. that it had to come to this. It’s hard to hold back those tears.

Wherever you go, there will be something to remind you of her. A song on the radio, the places you’ve been together, and of course the endless haunting memories that are too bittersweet now. You are convinced that all the tears you have shed could fill a river.

 Question yourself

The worst breakups are the ones where you have no idea what brought you to it and you’re let down.

They spend most of their time trying to figure out what went wrong and blaming themselves.

Could it be because you forgot to message him? Good morning message last Tuesday? Maybe it was because you kept calling him when he was with his friends.

Maybe you shouldn’t have bothered him to reply to your text messages. maybe you’re not good enough for them to stay.

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