8 The stage guys pass through during breakup

 Stages of Breakup for Men

While most people (and by ‘most people’ I mean most women) think that men just go out, get drunk, and overcome their breakup, that’s far from it heartless …

they have emotions too and can feel heartbroken even after a breakup. They also suffer after their beloved girl leaves them, but they choose to face their worries in peace.

They don’t like showing their feelings because they think it might make them appear less masculine. Because of this, they go through different stages of separation than women. Let’s see how men really deal with breakups.

1 the crazy stage

This phase is very similar to the rejection phase.

Men do not refuse to believe that they have left them, but they get very confused and no longer know what to believe, then they start asking for answers, they will actually demand them. to find out what made their partner break up with them.

You’ll want to know exactly when you stopped loving her. There will be many things that will upset a man after he is left and he will definitely want to know the answers to any questions. Of your questions when it comes to the end of your relationship.

2 Refueling

Suppressing emotions is probably one of the most important defense mechanisms. They stop thinking about their ex and move on.

They don’t want to show others that they are suffering and think that maybe everyone should suppress their emotions, they won’t want to talk about their ex or their relationship at all, they will act like anything would be fine. Good.

Hanging out with your friends, going out, and leaving the impression that they are enjoying life like nothing happened is what most men do after a breakup. they suffer. Only they will know how much it really hurts inside. But folks, let me give you some kind advice … it won’t help you put on that fake smiley facade. it won’t help you Anything that “life goes on” and  BS like that won’t help you.

One day, all of these emotions that have built up within you will explode right on your face. Then real problems will arise.

3. Achieve Different Coping Skills

In addition to suppressing their real emotions, men also use other coping mechanisms to help them overcome a breakup faster.

Unfortunately, they don’t know that all of these things are short-lived. The truth is, you can never leave a breakup until you take the time to cry and be in peace. a new relationship and they think that this new love will erase the traces of the past.

They think that with a new partner, they can stop thinking about their ex. Of course, things are never that simple in real life. You could also try to drink your pain.

 5. Anger and Frustration

“Your anger may even show you the love you felt for the person you never expressed; It’s never too late to share these feelings, even if you feel like that. It is indeed true.

Your breakup hurts because you still love your ex. You’re angry because you still have feelings for them and you can’t come to terms with breaking up with them. Otherwise, if you didn’t have romantic feelings for her, you wouldn’t be angry.

6. Achieving Acceptance

This is when you’ve finally accepted your breakup and the fact that there is nothing you can do about it. A new life begins for you and you can finally accept it.

You think it’s time to leave your past relationship because that’s part of it. You gave everything to save your relationship and it wasn’t like that. However, you shouldn’t take it as your failure. Sometimes we can’t contradict our fate, and it was yours to break up with your partner. Sometimes it doesn’t matter how hard we try or how hard we want it. , we just can’t save some things.

7 The grief stage

You have experienced the breakup, you have accepted your feelings … you have accepted the fact that you are hurt and your heart is broken.

Now is the time to mourn your breakup. And this time you’re doing it right … you’re not hiding your emotions or trying to be a man and swallow it all. This time you cry, you feel depressed, you even break some things to let go of all your overwhelming feelings. You finally allow yourself to cry and share it outside of you.

8. Moving on

The final step, of course,  is to drop everything and leave the past in the past. ready to start a new chapter in your life and turn the future upside down. You leave your agony behind you and open your healed heart to someone new to a new love.

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